All trailers are built to the individual customers needs.

Seed, Feed, and Fertilizer Tendering Units

We have 3 various SFT trailers:

  1. Flat Bottom, Flat Discharge, removable Conveyor Trailer. Great for Fertilizer
  2. Flat Bottom, Tubular Discharge, removable Conveyor Trailer.
  3. Tubular Bottom, Tubular Rear Auger, removable Conveyor Trailer, available side shift.

These trailers can convey everything from seed, fertilizer and grain.

Advantages of the rear flat conveyors: faster with granulated (fertilizer) products

Advantages of rear tubular conveyors: Run at steeper angle and moves delicate seeds more gently

Advantages of rear augers: Run at steeper angles, side swing 8' (easier to load multi-hopper seed carts).

2 people 1 hour. To remove most systems bottom and rear conveyor systems.

Internal auger: for operators who want to utilize the existing auger of their air seeder cart. We provide internal auger systems, enabling the operator to load seed and fertilizer w/o moving the trailer, and only having to make 1 trip up and 1 down off of the air seeder cart.

What is new on the Tenders?

  1. All are offered with Stainless Steel Slides and Frame.
  2. We are also working on poly, stainless steel hoppers. The advantage is an overall lighter trailer, easier to clean, and reduced corrosion due to fertilizer, which may get left in the trailers for extended periods of time.
  3. Electric Remote hopper slides